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You're The One That I Want -singalong (John Travolta)
You can sing along to one of the biggest hits in musical movie history, a huge international hit from the late 70's echoing even today. It was the most popular song of the very successful track in "Grease". By John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John You can watch the original song without subtitles here: You're the One that I Want.
Twelve Days of Christmas (childrenlovetosing)
Out of ideas for Christmas presents? How about flying turtles? Birds making a telephone call? Geese in bed?... What is this all about? Relax, this is just a nice traditional English carol. Merry Christmas everyone! [explanations submitted by Mike]
She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain (musicfactorymusic)
A traditional Afro-American folk song.
Halloween Rules ! -singalong (BouncePatrol)
Learn the lyrics to Halloween Rules! You can sing along to Bounce Patrol's fun Halloween song for kids, 'Halloween Rules'. This video has the lyrics set out karaoke style! What do you want to be this Halloween? You can watch the original video here: Halloween Rules!
Eye of the tiger -singalong (Survivor)
This was written as the theme song for Stalone's movie "Rocky III" in 1982 but it gained tremendous success in many countries on its own. Now you can sing it with this singalong version. If you are too young to know the song or too old to remember it well ;)  you can watch the original version first: Eye of the Tiger. Or if you already know it well, maybe you dare sing it karaoke version here: Eye of the Tiger -karaoke.
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