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Every breath you take -karaoke (The Police)
An easy song to shine like a star on stage with this karaoke video. Watch the original song here if you need preparation: EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE (by The Police)
Cheap Thrills - Karaoke version (Sia)
Australian singer Sia brings us yet another catchy hit along with the usual weird dancing style that really does the trick to stand out of the beaten track. This video here is actually a performance; you can watch the original official video by clicking here. The song was originally written by Sia for Rihanna, but she rejected it and Sia finally decided to sing it herself. Too bad for Rihanna.
Stitches -karaoke (Shawn Mendes)
A song about hearbreak. Watch the original music video here. Or a Sing-Along version here.  
Something stupid -karaoke (Sinatra)
An easy song to make a perfect karaoke. Watch first the original song and learn it well: SOMETHING STUPID (by Sinatra)
I'm yours -karaoke (Jason Mraz)
If you feel relaxed listening to this song, you'll feel even better singing it. Try this hit and see what it makes to you. You can see the original video here: I'M YOURS (by Jason Mraz)
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