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SMS English  (Let's Talk)
SMS English. Modern English abbreviations and shortened text messages Not only non-native, but also native speakers have problems with the SMS text language when it comes…
Eye In The Sky (Alan Parsons Project)
This is Alan Parsons's greatest hit, released in 1982. The song is in fact two different songs put together (the instrumental piece Sirius and the vocal…
Different types of friends  (Let's Talk)
Relationships are a part of everyday life, whether they be with online key pals, roommates, or co-workers. Doing things together on a regular basis can improve…
Away in a manger - American version
Away in a manager is often the first carol that children are taught. Part of this Christmas lullaby was first published in 1884, though the carol…
Twelve Days of Christmas (childrenlovetosing)
Out of ideas for Christmas presents? How about flying turtles? Birds making a telephone call? Geese in bed?... What is this all about? Relax, this is…
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