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Forgiveness - the song and the story (Matthew West)
This is the amazing story of Forgiveness, with capital letters. Can a woman forgive the man who killed her daughter? This woman could, and she felt…
The History of the Holidays: History of Easter (History Channel)
History Channel explains the history of Easter: origins, meaning and some of the religious and pagan traditions today associated with it.
Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal (on Bruno Mars'
Some people will do anything for love, but if the lyrics is something to care for, I would never marry someone to his music, ha ha.…
Easter: History and Culture
This is a 9-minute video which explains what Easter week is and what do Christians celebrate.
Meet Logan, the Sky Angel cowboy
While theologians try to understand the mysteries of heaven and Earth, a little child from a ranch was able to understand it all in the most…
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