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Lost On You (Laura Pergolizzi)
"Lost on You" is a song recorded by American recording artist LP. Pergolizzi sings out a toast to the time wasted on a failed relationship. “Wishing…
Sense and Sensibility (English 7 levels)
Sometimes the Dashwood girls do not seem like sisters. Elinor is all calmness and reason, and can be relied upon for practical, common sense opinions. Marianne,…
Three Men in a Boat (English 7 levels)
With ideas like this, perhaps it is not a good idea to spend a holiday taking a boat trip up the River Thames. But this is…
2016 Best Songs Mashup (David Rees & Bely Basarte)
55 tracks in four minutes... a mashup by David Rees&Bely Basarte
Spanish mistakes in English words (amigos ingleses)
In this video you can learn the correct pronunciation of 10 words that many students say incorrectly. More videos from the series: Palabras que pronuncias mal…
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